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OUDAO PERLANE Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence, is compliant with all requirements of Health Products, Tested in China, ASEAN, Singapore Laboratories for your assurance.

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Certified and Guaranteed

Oudao Hydrating Essence are designed and certified for safety. From the essence to the packaging, each part and product has undergone tests according to established industry standards as well as customized tests that go above and beyond the status quo, so that you can truly apply with absolute peace of mind.


Oudao Hydrating Essence Certifications

Immerse yourself in your perfect skin with the highest standards of comfort, safety, and appearance, all of which have been certified by SGS, PONY, the world’s leading authority on the safety and performance of Skincare products.


Our Factory

Chengdu OUDAO Biotechnology Co. Ltd has its product produce in the top medical factory in china, Guangzhou Yi Xuan Fine Chemical Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Mei Yi Cosmetics Co. Ltd.

Our OUDAO Perlane Hydration Essence, OUDAO Beauty Night Cream, OUDAO Amino Acid Cleanser are all produced in these factories, so you can be assured to use them without worries.


Glow up with Oudao
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