How to use Oudao?
Don't worry, we are here to help

1) Apply Toner .

2) Apply 1/3 of Oudao.

3) Put on hydrating mask.

4) Remove mask after 20 minutes and rinse your face.

5) Apply 1/3 of Oudao and massage upwards.

6) Apply the last 1/3 of Oudao, making sure to massage upwards.

7) Lock in the moisture with your own moisturizer.

Everlasting Beauty Bouquet

Everlasting Beauty Bouquet

S$290.00 Regular Price
S$168.00Sale Price

1. 5 oudao syringe worth $140 
2. Preserved flowers bouquet with colour of your choice (Blue, Red or Pink) 
3. Include delivery
4. Preorders available 
5. Customized message included