How to use Oudao?
Don't worry, we are here to help

1) Apply Toner .

2) Apply 1/3 of Oudao.

3) Put on hydrating mask.

4) Remove mask after 20 minutes and rinse your face.

5) Apply 1/3 of Oudao and massage upwards.

6) Apply the last 1/3 of Oudao, making sure to massage upwards.

7) Lock in the moisture with your own moisturizer.

Oudao Polypeptide Silk Mask

Oudao Polypeptide Silk Mask

SKU: 4313-194
  • Helps rescue acne skin
  • Activates Skin Cell
  • Relieves Sensitive Skin
  • Lightens Acne Scars and Pigmentation
  • Improve Rough Skin Condition
  • Care Instructions

    Only need 8-10 mins for application 
    Remove mask & massage 80% dry 
    Wash your face and seal the moisture with moisturizer